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The software test and QA industry is seeing a dramatic drop in the number of qualified software test programmers, as well as an increase in the non-technically skilled. This is occurring for various reasons:
  • Business analysts entering the test field for their business and application knowledge
  • A company's sheer lack of resources to effectively perform test validation which requires using unqualified test resources
  • Shortened cycle times and system complexity are requiring more manual testing
Even more critical is the exodus of skilled software test programmers to development organizations. Because of this, STAMP Technologies was formed to provide software development test resources to help fill that gap.
Test Automation may be our expertise, but we realize not every client is ready to take full advantage of test automation and all that it has to offer. However there are many other skills that STAMP resources can add to your test process:
  • Test Project Management (analyze risks, determine scope, prepare budgets and schedules)
  • Develop test plans and cases
  • Institute and use defect tracking systems and tools
  • Setup and manage test environments
  • Manage build and release processes for test
  • Test execution
  • Test results tracking and reporting
  • Load and performance planning, executing, and reporting
STAMP Technologies will partner with you to provide the experience and testing skills required to get the job done on schedule and within budget.

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