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STAMP Technologies has engineered software-testing solutions to enhance the effectiveness of test processes for the purpose of reducing costs, improving productivity and gaining a higher return on investment.

With today's software development technologies, business applications are being developed, integrated and released with ever increasing speed and complexity. Software testing organizations are under tremendous pressure to shorten test-cycle times, improve product quality, and better assess risk. STAMP Technologies has the experience, knowledge, and creativity to know when, where and how to integrate custom programming and off the shelf automated testing tools into your test process to measure risk, lower your cost of quality, and increase your ROI.

Because of our extensive experience in process quality improvements, software development and all phases of the test practice, we have engineered custom software testing solutions giving senior management the ability to tie software development dollars to actual test related value.
  • Developed C# class libraries for requirement testing at the component level.
  • Developed C# class libraries to perform system integration testing and environment configuration. Automated the configuration of web servers, virtual directory security settings and domain controller active directory users.
  • Custom engineered test automation frameworks that integrated particular needs and corporate culture of the test organization into usable and effective test applications.
  • Continually work with software development organization to include testability into their software designs. This gives the test organization the opportunity to build test harnesses; work with scripting languages for the purpose of detecting discrepancies in the software earlier in the process.
  • Developed Visual Basic applications to assist with test automation maintenance.
  • Engineered component and application test harnesses.
  • Guided customers with environment configuration for system integration and system performance testing.
  • Provided customer with guidance on how to effectively use internally developed automation tools.
  • Assisted customers in evaluating and choosing the correct automated test tools for their applications and/or environments.

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