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The Test Process is an integral part of any software development life cycle. The focus of your test approach will determine how you define, build, and improve on that process.

Is your process focused on development, test, or test development?
  • A development-focused process - generates a strong expertise in technology and most likely works seamlessly with the software development organization. However, a development-focused approach is driven more by time-to-market than by quality-of-product, weakening accountability, blurring independent objectivity and putting the test activity as a reactive task instead of a proactive process.
  • A test-focused process - increases accountability, produces independent objectivity, and generates a better test practice. However, a test-focused approach generally produces test engineers with less technical knowledge. Time to market is less of a priority and the independent nature of this process produces tension between development and test organizations.
  • A test / development-focused process - encompasses all of the positive aspects of the two previous approaches. The physical or organizational reporting structure of the test organization is insignificant with this approach. What is important, however, is that a process be created that removes organizational boundaries, while allowing for independence.

To keep pace with the ever-increasing speed and complexity at which applications are developed, continuous improvement in the test process requires test / development-focused solutions. Market windows are shrinking, leaving test organizations stressed with balancing the priorities of quality and on-time performance. STAMP Technologies works hard to meet your on time performance while still assessing your current process and recommending potential process improvements.

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