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STAMP Technologies understands the struggles software test managers go through in their day-to-day activities. The test process is the foundation for building an effective test group. It is the management of that process that is key to generating continuous improvements.

We know the many responsibilities placed on test managers, such as:
  • Continuous mentoring due to resource attrition and technology changes
  • Negotiating changes in development schedules to ensure software is released on time
  • Detecting early warning signs and problems, and then facilitating solutions
  • Keeping up with technology changes (both in process and in applications under test)
  • Communicating (budget, resources, schedules, reports, meetings, etc.)
  • Managing defect tracking and all that it encompasses
  • Continuous involvement in new projects involving budgets and schedules
  • Successfully integrating test automation with manual testing
  • And more...
Because STAMP Technologies has been involved in everything from managing small test projects to building a test organization from the ground up, we know how difficult it is to work on process improvements while performing day-to-day management activities.

When STAMP Technologies goes to work for you, we focus on meeting your immediate testing needs. As a value-added service, we will gladly help to identify and incorporate process improvements.

For more information on how we can help you, Call us Phone: (763) 398-0035.

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