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Functional Automation
Many of the things we have seen and heard regarding functional GUI automation might sound familiar to you. Here are a few of the negative examples we have heard about functional test automation:
  • Isn't compatible with our application
  • Won't work because the application changes too often
  • Is too cumbersome and complex
  • Has a high cost related to test script development and maintenance
  • Record and Playback – no programming required
  • The automation developed is lost due to changes in technology
  • Technical expertise required is too high
  • Have no time to learn effective ways to use the tool
  • Takes as long to develop automation as it does to do it manually
  • Has a cost that is always greater than the return
  • Eventually becomes shelfware
We know these are real concerns for most test organizations. However, STAMP Technologies has effectively been eliminating these concerns by engineering test automation solutions that focus on long-term gains for your invested automation dollars.

STAMP Technologies approaches automation as a discipline. We understand that test automation requires the same structured planning, design, and implementation as any other software development project. We have the technical knowledge, experience, and creativity to seamlessly integrate automation into your current testing process. We can achieve success with any of the leading tools (see our Technologies page).

Load, Stress and Performance Automation
Have you ever been asked to test your application in an integrated test environment with unreasonable deadlines and limited staff and equipment? The application appeared to functionally work well in the test lab and its performance seemed fine given your limited time to measure and evaluate it. Only to find that when it was released into production, response times were slow and that system failures occurred during periods of peak load and stress. Your business partners and clients now question, “Did you test the system at all?” This situation is all too common. STAMP Technologies can augment or lead your staff to:
  • Build Load and Performance test plans
  • Determine what to measure
  • Define the test workload
  • Assess and manage the proper test environment
  • Develop scripts and scenarios with the load tool chosen
  • Analyze and present the measurements
  • Work with developers in presenting measures for tuning
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